Taxation Service - Consulting Meeting

No Doubt time is valuable, Please choose one of our Consulting Practice. You can schedule a free Zoom video business meeting or Contact us for FACE to FACE meeting.

  • Category: Taxation Services
  • Duration: 02:00 Hours
  • Address: Avondale Heights VIC 3034 (Map)
  • More Info: Please call 1300 786 619 or 491 139 322 for booking a FACE to FACE appointment. (if required)




OPTIONAL: Zoom Video Business Meeting

We are using Zoom video business meeting for all clients. Video conferencing is more common and more accessible. It is different from simple video calling, which is normally one-to-one video communication. It is mainstream method of communication and collaboration for organisation of all sizes.

  • It is easy to use from desktops, mobile devices and conference rooms
  • Virtual Backgrounds mean you can join from anywhere and still look professional

Benefits of Online Video Conferencing;

  • Reduced travel time and costs
  • Optimised Attendance/ Organise meetings independent of time
  • Sharing things/Documents
  • Learn and teach online
  • Increased Productivity and effective communication